Communications & Technology

Practice the Seven-Times Thank You 

Parish Polarities – Threats or Blessings? 

Information Management Guidelines on Parishioner Giving 

Guiding Principles of Orthodox Christian Evangelization 

From Visiting Guest to Orthodox Member of the Family 

Effective Ways to Ensure that Visitors do not Return to Your Parish 

Donors Want Goals and Passion, Not Tech Talk About Tax Considerations 

Do’s and Don’t’s for Gratitude Letters to Donors 

Canvass the Parish for Contact Information 

Brand Identity for Orthodox Parishes? 

Beyond Information Collection – Using Surveys 

Better utilization of the Lowly Sunday Bulletin as a Way to Encourage Stewardship Growth 

Transparency: Street Cred for a Parish 

Indiscretion: What not to Share with Parishioners 

Parish Council and Priest Communication Exercise 

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