About Us

Orthodox Venture Philanthropy (OVP) seeks to ensure that Orthodox organizations, parishes, and ministries become the most effective and highly-functioning entities to bring people closer to Christ and serve their communities. Orthodox Ministry Services (OMS) achieves this vision by partnering with parishes, ministries, and philanthropists throughout the United States, to invest in the growth and development of high-performing, financially sustainable Orthodox Christian organizations and parishes.

The Orthodox house in America has two distinct, and yet totally collaborative, sides. Most Orthodox Christians (and non-Orthodox) interact more closely at the parish and ministry level. It is here where they live and raise their families, receive the salvific Eucharist that is the body and blood of Christ, and witness love, generosity and service to others. The parish and ministry level is also where seekers first find the Orthodox Faith and receive the catechism and welcoming home that so many seek or need. Parishes provide the critical spiritual education and opportunity to practice the Faith and they serve their broader communities through their outreach, evangelism, and philanthropy ministries.

At the same time, there are an increasing number of independent and interdependent Orthodox organizations that similarly serve the needs of the faithful, seekers, and communities at large. While some of these entities emanate from parishes or jurisdictions, many more spring up independently to meet significant needs and serve vital functions. To achieve the vision of Orthodox Venture Philanthropy, OMS implements excellent and best-in-class operational models and resources to meet these needs and strengthen both sides of the American Orthodox house.

OMS uniquely possesses access to the human, financial and other resources necessary to fully research the issues, design and test effective solutions, train the parishes and ministries on their roll-out, and support the implementation across the entire Orthodox ecosystem. In short, OMS is best able to “invent once and effectively implement often.” And the net beneficiary are the parishes and ministries that are supported and the parishioners that are served. By strengthening the ministries and better serving the needs of the faithful, we create healthier, more engaged, active, and vibrant parishes that bring people closer to Christ and serve as magnets in their communities.

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