Why Orthodox Ministry Services?

OMS helps transform and improve Orthodox Church organizations, parishes, and ministries in order to strengthen the Body of Christ.

Orthodox organizations, parishes and ministries of all jurisdictions have significant issues and needs that are beyond their individual capacity to effectively address. Moreover, all Orthodox organizations, parishes and jurisdictions have resource limitations and other priorities that sometimes impede their ability to research best practices, develop the most operationally excellent programs, ministries and solutions, and effectively develop and support their implementation and success.

These inadequacies have exacerbated the unacceptable empirical trends that find that: (a) 47% of cradle Orthodox adults have left the church; (b) 39% of millennial youth claim NO religious affiliation; (c) only 26% of all Orthodox Christians (cradle and converts) regularly attend church on Sundays; and (d) many parishes and organizations are declining and struggling to stay viable.

Orthodox Ministry Service (OMS) is an experienced, effective, Christ-centered, and completely pan-Orthodox supportive entity that can make the Orthodox Venture Philanthropy concept a reality in the United States. OMS will be a collaborative partner with all willing Orthodox jurisdictions, organizations, parishes, ministries, and philanthropists to serve as a catalyst and aggregator of much needed materials, resources, programs, content and capital.

A Path To A Brighter Future

OMS is a one-of-a-kind, pan-Orthodox vehicle comprised of experienced professionals with years of proven service and results to the Orthodox Church that can:

  1. Simultaneously and credibly transcend all Orthodox jurisdictions and geographies;
  2. Help create and implement excellence in healthy parishes and ministries;
  3. Strengthen unique charitable organizations serving critical and unaddressed needs;
  4. Recruit and deploy dedicated teams and professionals with the passion and credential to serve;
  5. Provide donors and philanthropists the resources to ensure that their generosity effectively achieves the greatest impact; and
  6. Help Orthodoxy grow in America and reverse the negative trends being currently experienced.

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